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Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy AU RP! Seeking Sora and others! [Sunday . August 1st, 2010 @ 10:27pm]


Twilight Town University: A Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy RPG
"The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand" - Frank Herbert

Dear Applicant,
Thank you for expressing interest in Twilight Town University. Described within this letter is information about the university, including information on our small class sizes, wide array of programs of study, and our university's history.

Twilight Town University was founded as Twilight Town College in the early 1900s, basing its curriculum on the four principles of Acceptance, Intellect, Truth, and Humility. The college started small, with only 24 graduates in its first graduating class, but it quickly grew over the ages to its current size of 15,000 students, including undergraduates, post-graduates, and online students. Twilight Town University prides itself on upholding the same principles that the university was founded on, with over 30 major programs, 62 minor programs, and numerous academic societies and clubs. Our athletic teams have prospered over the years and hold many titles, championships, and achievements, while our intramural sports include Ultimate Frisbee, Gymnastics, Blitzball, and several other sports, including Twilight Town's own invention, Struggle. Numerous financial aid options are availiable to all, with a variety of grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study on-campus jobs, ensuring that all can afford to attend Twilight Town University.

Residing on campus has been voted as our current student population's favorite part of the university experience. We offer several styles of suites, doubles, and singles, as well as couples housing for married students. Our dining halls include a wide variety of options from around the galaxy, as well as Kosher, Halil, Vegetarian, and Vegan choices. Our on-campus security has recently been enlarged, and our 24-hour on-campus clinic is staffed around the clock for medical help.

I speak for Twilight Town University when I say that we sincerely hope that you join us for our next semester. We accept early and late admission students, as we understand that the life of a college student is full of difficult decisions, namely, choosing a university to attend. We hope that you would attend our university in the future, and we await your application.

Yours Truly,
Dr. Mickey Mouse
Dean of Students

(Okay, we're a small Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy AU RPG that's set in a college environment. We're open to all ages and all pairings, and generally a very friendly bunch. Hope to see you there!)
Important Links:
tltw_university: Main Community
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[Saturday . July 24th, 2010 @ 1:15am]



Organization XIII Crack

♥General Info

Like the community name may suggest, this is an in Character crack game for the human cast of Kingdom Hearts. In character crack meaning although your character may stray from the lines of strict canon, their personality needs to stay remotely intact.


This game takes place in The World that Never Was. All muses will be residing in the castle that never was. The time line for this game will be somewhere in between Kingdom Hearts 1 and KH 385/2 days. Castle Oblivion has not happened yet, nor does it need to happen. Your character isn't dead nor brought back from the dead. If you would like your characters to start grouping together to plot some evil schemes well, just don't let the superior know

♥Wanted Characters

All of Organization XIII, Sora, Riku, Kairi, the twilight town kids and the other nobodies are very welcomed here! Please don't hesitate to jump in on the fun.
At this time we won't be accepting applications for the final fantasy characters but if the occasion arises we will let you know in some way or another!

Not sure if you'd fit in here or not? Don't be shy! Everyone needs a place to play and if you think this com may be for you in any way come apply! We don't bite!~

Check out the rest of the community over here!

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.Hack//ECHO [Thursday . July 15th, 2010 @ 8:06pm]

[ mood | confused ]

[The World]

The World is the first massively multiplayer online RPG since Pluto's Kiss and has been developed for the ALTIMIT OS. With over 100,000 preorders being taken in November of 2007, on the first day of release 4,576,623 copies of the game were sold. The World was created by the genius programmer Harald Hoerwick under the name Fragment, Fragment was released as a limited beta approximately nine months prior to the release. The beta was stopped early for unknown reasons and The World was released shortly afterwards.

Welcome to [The World]

.Hack//ECHO is a multi-fandom Role Playing Site based on the .hack// anime series. Feel free to come inside and join in on the fun! Players launch themselves into a interactive virtual world where you can see, hear, smell and feel everything that goes on around you. Come make your own story, and follow your own plot you develop along with the rest of the community. This is your story, so grab ahold of it by the horns and hold on tight! Anything is possible in //ECHO so long as you can think it!
Useful Links and Information

.Hack//ECHO forum . Official Walkthrough . Staff . Data Storage . Plug Board

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Invictus || A Kingdom Hearts Roleplay on insane journal [Tuesday . July 13th, 2010 @ 11:00pm]


Hello fellow KH Fans!

We at Invictus are looking for players! This means, we need you! Our roleplay has a AU, post apacolyptic premise and is just bursting with opportunity! To learn more check out the add in our Live Journal or click here ---> Invictus Roleplay @ Insane Journal

We hope to see you soon!
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[Wednesday . June 30th, 2010 @ 1:19pm]

Does anyone play Axel, Lexaeus, Xaldin, Luxord, or maybe Saix from Organization 13? I've been playing the games recently and reading some of whitedog2's comics and I really want a line against one of those guys. I've got some ideas (some canon, some AU, especially for Axel!) so feel free to drop a comment here or in my journal if you're interested.
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[Wednesday . June 9th, 2010 @ 11:58am]



When you wake up, you find yourself in what appears to be a large bird's nest. It's just your size and quite comfortable, at least until you remember that you don't normally sleep in one. When you sit up and look around, you find that you've been taken to a fantastic city. It's rather beautiful, to be sure; almost something that you'd hear about in a fairy tale. As you step out of your nest, however, you quickly find out something interesting about this city: it's floating in the sky.

Yes, the city floats high above the ground, to the point where you can't even see said ground: only a mass of clouds. Luckily, there seem to be large stone fences around the edge; you won't be falling off unless you deliberately climb over.

It's not long before you notice a few other oddities about this city. First of all, you're wearing a gemstone pendant around your neck, and have hardly an idea how it got there. Another strange thing is that your powers - whatever they might have been - are limited, somehow. There might be some you can't use, or you simply might not be able to use them to their full extent. It seems difficult to leave this place, as well. You could fly out, but who knows how far away the ground is, let alone a mountain to rest on?

Who brought you here, and why? No one can answer this question for you. You could search for the answers if you so wish, but you will find no evidence. You might try to escape, but you'll inevitably die doing so. Death isn't the end here, either. If you do happen to meet your end, you'll only awaken back in your nest, with or without your memories of this place.

Welcome to Skynest. Enjoy your stay.



Taken characters

Mod Contact Info:
Name: Eiyoko
Timezone: PST
LJ: eiyoko
AIM: HeaMaxwell
E-mail: heamaxwell[at]gmail[dot]com


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[Friday . May 21st, 2010 @ 6:24pm]

Welcome, criminal.

I am "Acumen", an artificial intelligence construct. I currently serve as the warden of the Marina Asylum facility, which is the prison where you have been sentenced to live out the rest of your life. It is best this way, for both you and your individual timeline.
You've been captured by Acumen, the new prison AI, which is still trying to determine what it considers sufficient grounds for lifelong imprisonment. Murder? Certainly. Jaywalking? Well, that could cause accidents, which could cause deaths.

Maybe you belong here. Maybe you don't. Maybe there are extenuating circumstances. Maybe you haven't even committed these crimes yet.

But you're here now. And Acumen is certain that, unlike Sentience, it has been programmed too well for mistakes.
[info]marinasylum · [info]marina_ooc · [info]marinamod

premise · locale · rules · f.a.q.
wanted · taken (a-k) · taken (l-z) · reserve/drop · apply
mod contact · ask acumen

We currently have Axel, Demyx, Namine, Roxas, Saix, and Xion. Our Sora, Riku, and Kairi recently dropped out and we miss them terribly! Any other characters like Disney or Org. members are also welcome for shenanigans!

This RP is located on Insanejournal which means every account has 100 free icons to start. Pretty awesome, right?

Reservations are OPEN and the application period will start on the last week of this month--May. Hope to see you there! Also puppies.
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[Friday . January 1st, 2010 @ 12:46pm]



shadowreign is a panfandom war roleplay set in Final Fantasy XI's Shadowreign.

It happened quickly. One moment you were going about your business, the next you see an enormous maw-like structure about twenty feet tall towering over you. There's no time to run when it draws you in, throwing you into a dark, nameless void. You're only there for mere moments before you tumble off of the small chunk of land that you ended up on.

A group of soldiers wakes you up, warning you to take shelter in a nearby base. This world is currently in the midst of a greaT war, and try as you might, the maw that spat you out into this world won't be sending you home anytime soon.

But as long as you're here, you might as well make use of yourself. The war against the Shadow Lord and his beastmen isn't going well...but perhaps you can change that. There are others like you, having been drawn from different worlds, and they have joined the fight. Soon, you are convinced that you should join the fight as well.



Taken characters

Mod Contact Info:
Name: Eiyoko
Timezone: PST
LJ: eiyoko
AIM: HeaMaxwell
E-mail: heamaxwell[at]gmail[dot]com



We currently have no Kingdom Hearts cast members, but we would love to see some!
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[Sunday . November 1st, 2009 @ 12:22am]

I'm looking for an Axel roleplayer here!
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Verdurity [Monday . August 24th, 2009 @ 2:21pm]

Verdurity: (n.) a portmanteau of 'verdure'(greenness) and 'verity' (truth)
2. A city of Radiant Garden

Verdurity is set at the point in time before everything went bad, about ten years before the games: When Ansem was the name of just one person, and he was a pretty good guy. When Leon was still Squall Leonhart. When Kairi still lived in a castle, Cid was presumably Kickass Pilot Guy, and Mickey was the other King. Also, when Radiant Garden was more than just a decaying world, with cities and everything.

In short, a prequel.

Links InCollapse )
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Marina Asylum :: New Panfandom Game on Inksome! [Thursday . March 5th, 2009 @ 2:40pm]

Welcome, criminal.

This is the artificial intelligence "Sentience". You have been selected for the Marina Asylum program after a review of exhaustive criteria. Your selection is a direct result of crimes that you have committed in the past or will commit in the future. For the betterment of all species, it is necessary to remove persons of your type from the timeline.
You've been captured by Sentience, the prison AI, which might have gotten just a tiny bit oversensitive as years of operation began to take their toll. Genocide? That's terrible. Robbery? That could lead to murder. Selfishness? That could lead to cruelty which could lead to ignorance which could lead to criminal negligence.

Maybe you belong here. Maybe you don't. Maybe there are extenuating circumstances. Maybe you haven't even committed these crimes yet.

But you're here now. And Sentience's programming doesn't acknowledge the possibility of mistakes.
[info]marinasylum · [info]marina_ooc · [info]marinamod

premise · locale · rules · f.a.q.
taken · reserve/drop · apply
mod contact · ask sentience · invites

Want 150 icons without a paid account?! Come play with us! We have Axel, Larxene, and Roxas on reserve, but the game is brand-new so all other slots are open! We would love more Kingdom Hearts cast -- or anything else, really!

Applications and reservations are NOW OPEN. The game itself will start on MARCH 9th.
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Reminiscence - UnRaveling (New Plot!) [Tuesday . February 24th, 2009 @ 9:01am]

[ mood | busy ]

Reminiscence - UnRaveling

.the realm of Light...
...the realm of Darkness...
...the Inbetween...

The three realms of Reality. Light, the realm of Beings. Darkness, the realm of those without hearts. The Inbetween, the realm of nothingness. The realms each have their own properties and laws, and they govern their own inhabitants how they see fit. There is something separating the realms, a barrier.
But...what if there were an upheavel? An unbalance in the power of light and dark?

The Separation is...fading away...the realms are melding, fusing together, now with nothing to hold them apart.

With the creation and destruction of Kingdom Hearts this balance has been lost, and a realm that has very little activity has become far more active in it's wish to set the balance right.

Though the realm of souls is a neutralizing system it; because of the upheaval cares not for either side, light or darkness and is trying to once again create an uncorrupt balanced (utopian) universe.

This Board Welcomes Characters from Any Video Game (Upon Approval From Admin) Final Fantasy, Kingdom Heats and of course Made Ups.

Yaoi/Yuri/Het All Accepted!

Available and Taken Characters

Board Info/Rules

The Board Itself:

Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide
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RPG [Sunday . November 30th, 2008 @ 8:52pm]


Four years have passed on Destiny Islands since Sora, Riku, and Kairi returned from The World That Never Was. A powerful new villain with dark aspirations and the ability to raise nobodies from the void has attacked Disney Castle and the King; Donald and Goofy have gone missing. Were they taken prisoner or did they chase after the dark villains? A message arrives in a bottle for Sora and his friends, urging them on a new quest, but the villains appear to be after the same thing. The keyblades, the power worlds, and the crossroads of dark, light, and nothing collide...

Format: Message board
Genre: Kingdom Hearts, Canon
Name: Fractured Crossroads
Contact: AIM: Kajouka
Website: http://silversenshi.net/khrpg/
Minimum Age Requirement: 18
Specific Requirements: Decent Writing Skills, Any Canon KH characters or FF characters are available. Main Characters needed include: Sora, Naminé, the twilight town gang, most of Organization 13, and many of the FF characters.

|Storyline|Rules|Application|Character List|Additional Details
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RP Ad - Flashlight Tag [Friday . October 3rd, 2008 @ 4:11pm]

We have a Demyx, Larxene, Axel, and Roxas, and we'd love to expand our KH cast!

Flashlight Tag: A Pan-Fandom AU Cyberpunk GameCollapse )

Thanks for looking~
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KINGDOM HEARTDRIVE [Saturday . August 9th, 2008 @ 7:35pm]

KINGDOM HEARTDRIVE [a kingdom hearts roleplay]Collapse )
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St. Edelweiss RPG [Saturday . August 9th, 2008 @ 4:07am]

St. Edelweiss Multifandom RPGCollapse )
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[RP] Flashlight Tag - Opening Soon! [Wednesday . August 6th, 2008 @ 9:37pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Flashlight Tag: a Pan-Fandom AU Cyberpunk GameCollapse )

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Malahsa RP - Panfandom [Thursday . July 10th, 2008 @ 12:45pm]


quick summary

Malahsa is the only salvation in a vast, unending and uncharted desert. It is a buzzing oasis city, and you have mysteriously ended up here, with absolutely no memory of how it happened and absolutely no idea about how to get back home.

You better make yourself comfortable, because you're stuck here for a while.

Oh, it gets worse: the oasis has a mind of its own.

Malahsa has several exits that open to new, undiscovered worlds. You may up in a teaming metropolis city tomorrow, you could find yourself right smack in the middle of a battlefield the next day, and you could emerge into a world of pirates and mermaids the day after. It's all up to the whim of the oasis itself.

And don't even try to fight it. Malahsa will fight back.

introduction here


Main . Journals . FAQ . Newspaper . Rooms . City Life . Concierge
Apply/Reserve . Taken . Drop/Hiatus . OOC Comm


We open July 20, 2008! All applicants will be reviewed, accepted, or rejected, but no RPing will be taking place in the main community until July 20. Thanks!

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Enlevement {A Multi-Fandom RPG} [Sunday . June 15th, 2008 @ 7:09pm]


Vacations are supposed to be relaxing, voluntary. A time you take to let off all your worries and just take a breather.

But... If that is so, then what's going on?

Welcome to Enlever Town, where you're just a number and another pretty face. People tell you that you came here to take a vacation, but this doesn't seem like a vacation at all. Surrounded by thousands of strangers, and taken out of your world, you were brought here to be someone's toy. You are no longer in charge of your life, and no matter how many times you ask what is going on, the answers will all be the same.

"Oh? Are you not happy, do you not enjoy your vacation~? Host wants you to enjoy your vacation."

"You poor thing, you must be stressed! Why don't you relax and let us soothe your worries? ♥"

But there's something strange going on here, starting with the fact that you don't recall even coming to this town in the first place. However, anyone can see the answer; you didn't come here, you were brought here. Will you be able to uncover the secret beneath this cursed town and break down its borders, or will you be stuck in this cursed town for rest of your life?

enlevement is a recently opened Pan-Fandom RPG. We are looking for characters from every single fandom you can think of, and then some.

The RP is currently OPEN! Applications and Reserves are currently OPEN.

F.A.QRulesAdditional Information
Taken CharactersRequested CharactersReserved CharactersApplications
Friend Add & RemoveHiatusDropping
AffiliateMod JournalContact Info

***X-Posted like WOAH, sorry for any F-List spamming.
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